Fuel for Learning was born from a shared passion for children's health and nutrition.

When an opportunity arose to be involved in the food offering at a local school the founders jumped at the opportunity. 

Partners Clarise and Nuno recruited friend and professional chef Damian Currie to join forces, and together they founded Fuel For Learning. 

“Our aim is to pack in as much goodness into each meal as we can. We believe that food should be eaten the way nature intended – seasonal, fresh and free from additives.

We believe it is possible to create healthy meals on a budget.

We hope to influence children to make healthy food choices for life. A satisfied belly is a keen mind!”




"My kids have been complaining about bad school food for years, so when Clarise & Nuno approached me to start this project, I thought it would be a great new adventure and something I’d love to be involved in. Producing freshly prepared, healthy & tasty food on a tight budget has proved challenging but absolutely possible.

I have been a chef since I left school. It has allowed me the freedom to travel having spent time in some great restaurants in The South West, Toronto, Vancouver and finally settling here in London. My first love is Italian food where my passion for fresh, clean & unfussy flavours first took root and drives how I like to cook now."



"My interest in nutrition started following a health scare while pregnant with our twin boys.

Later on, concerns about the health of one of our boys turned my interest into a passion. 

I spent any spare moment I had researching the links between our diet and our health. I searched for healthy, nutritious recipes and tested them at home on my picky eaters. I made it my goal to reduce their sugar intake and eliminate all processed foods. A challenging goal for any busy mum trying to get a meal on the table in a hurry and on a budget. 

After making changes to our family’s diet, I began to notice increased energy levels, improved mood and general well-being.

We were approached by the governor of our local school and a window opened up.  

My experience paired with Nuno and Damian’s professional expertise meant we were able to deliver nutritious meals that the children enjoyed, all on budget.

I am extremely proud of what we have achieved."



Born and raised in Lisbon, Nuno Mendes has dedicated his life to exploring and perfecting his cooking.  His vast experience spans from his culinary training in San Francisco to working with some of the world’s leading chefs in both New York and London. 

Mendes is a pioneer in gastronomy, a traveller or ‘viajante’ who has explored the globe in search of unique ingredients, innovative techniques and first-hand experience on local farms.

“As a parent and chef I felt a responsibility to get involved and try to make a difference.”


If you are interested in joining our team, please send your CV along with a little paragraph about yourself to: info@fuel4learning.co.uk