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Fuel for Learning

We are a school catering company based in East London. We provide healthy and nutritious food for school children.



We believe that nutrition is vital to the development of young minds and healthy, well-made food leads to focused, happy children.

We cook using well-sourced, fresh & seasonal produce, buying locally where possible.

We are also committed to lowering our environmental impact through recycling, composting and avoiding single use plastic.

Healthy, fresh & tasty food

We believe that healthy eating starts with great produce.



Our kitchen follows the seasons, utilising the best of what mother nature has to offer at that time of year. Whether that be warm & earthy root vegetables in the winter or fresh, vibrant fruit & salads in the summer we always cook with a mind to maximise the nutrients in all our produce.


We steam our greens lightly and only cook with butter or olive oil. We use wholemeal flour, and substitute refined white sugar with honey, agave, and dark unrefined sugar. Our aim is to pack as much nutrients into each meal as we can, making sure that children have enough good energy to stay focused all through the day.


Most kids are fussy eaters, but we love a good challenge! Our goal is to develop great-tasting menus with flavours that whet their appetite and deliver the nutrition required for them to function at their best. 


Careful sourcing and responsible environmental management are important to us. We use only British, Halal, and Red Tractor Assured meat in all our meals. Our fish is MSC certified and working with our suppliers we are trying to reduce non recyclable plastic. All organic waste is disposed of separately, helping to reduce landfill.

building strong links within the community

I wanted to take a moment to thank you, the change in our daughter has been instant and remarkable! Since school has started she’s been talking about food often, and in really positive ways- about ingredients and flavours and where food comes from.
— Parent at Hackney New Primary School, Oct 2017
Just wanted to write a spontaneous thank you for broadening my children’s palates. Last night they sneaked down and crashed my husband and my dinner and happily asked for their own plates of miso cod and spinach declaring that they loved both. “This is like Damian makes for us! We love spinach etc...” They were previously distinctly suspicious of spinach so it was lovely to see them happily wolfing it down. Hurray for educating kids to eat curiously and well…
— Parent at Hackney New Primary School, Dec 2017
Thank you so much for all of your hard work this term. We really and truly value what you do for the school - your food has become such a distinctive part of school life. I can’t imagine life without it or life before! I have no idea how you deliver what you do on budget...
— Siobhan, Head Teacher at Hackney New Primary School, Dec 2017